COLO-660T-B Portable Manual Powder Coating System

COLO-660 Powder Coating Gun Controller


COLO-660T-B Portable Manual Powder Coating System

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**The 660 Powder Gun Control is designed exclusively for use with Colo manual powder guns, automatic powder guns. Use for any other purpose constitutes a misuse.

**Any damage caused by improper use is not the fault of the vendor or manufacturer;the user is solely responsible.

*All settings for efficient powder coating are made simple and reproducable on the 660.

*Flow meters permit accurate setting of the optimum powder coating rate. In addition the corona current, and corona voltage also can be checked on the LED display, even from a distance.

***Entire system for price advertised. Comes with spray gun, (1) 1LB Hopper, Hoses, and controller box.


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